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    At Visual WinGold, client experiences Brand Promises through appropriate Business Processes! This evolves better customer interaction practices. Finally satisfied customer & long-lasting customer relationship is what we achieve!

    “Creating the most comfortable and productive environment for customers!” is our Vision.
    Customer interaction into three phases

    • Pre Sales
    • Implementation
    • Post sales

    Pre Sales Interaction Phase –

    Pre Sales Interaction clarifies requirements, specifications & deliverables both to Visual WinGold& the Jeweller.

    – Taking Specifications Visual WinGold’s Sales Executive creates the specification after sufficiently interacting with the Jeweller.

    – Quotation including Terms & conditions After obtaining the specification that is mutually suitable, Visual WinGold’s Sales Executive prepares a complete project proposal defining the deliverables, budget, acceptance criteria and a timetable with milestone and also submits a project implementation plan.

    – For Execution Once the client approves the project proposal and working plan, the project is taken up for execution. This Phase is characterized by Visual WinGold’s Fair Business Practices & Exhaustive Material is also provided to Jeweller for ease in decision making.

    Implementation Phase –

    Implementation is subdivided in two parts.

    – On Site Installation – Web Masters LLC’s Engineer does Onsite Installation of Visual WinGold. Then required Parameterization is carried out & Document Printing Formats are also set as per Jeweller’s Requirement.

    – On Site Training – During Installation Web Masters LLC’s Engineer also conduct training of responsive personals in Jewellery Firm regarding usage of Visual WinGold. While the implementation and progress details are constantly given to customers, the engineers with problem solving skills at the Web Masters LLC trouble-shoots most of the problems internally. However, our specialists are ready to give technical support & consulting of any depth concerning the implementation, if required. This approach allows the client to be updated and kept abreast of the Software implementation details.

    Post Sales Interaction Phase –

    Even after successful Installation & Implementation, certain support is essential!

    – Onsite Service or Support – If demanded personal Visit of Web Masters LLC’s Support Engineer is arranged for New Module Installation, it’s Training & doubts clarification.

    – In House service or Support – Web Masters LLC’s in house Call Center gives you full Telephonic Support & Internet Support. Desktop Sharing is done for critical issues which are not resolved with mere Telephonic or Internet Support.

    Thus your challenges are well supported without disturbing your daily routine.

    Apart from above mentioned phases, Software Updates, Annual Software Services & Tailor made Software Development, are important components of Acme’s Customer Interaction Methodology.

    Software Updates –Periodic Updates & Documentation of Visual WinGold are available on Net. Updates are made according to changes in General Trade Rules. Even New Features added in Visual WinGold or Additional Features are also made available on Net!

    Annual Maintenance Service –After 1 year of Software Sale, continuous or uninterrupted Software Up gradation & continual Support are provided via Annual Maintenance Service. That includes, all Software updates, Version up gradation & Training material if any.

    Tailor made Software Development – Few a time’s special developments in the Software will be demanded by your Jewellery Business. These demands are catered in following manner.